Hi everyone, welcome to PINNA 4 PIPER's blog.
Here you will find posts on all my childrens clothing designs, past and present, that are handmade by yours truly for my label PINNA 4 PIPER! I like to consider PINNA 4 PIPER as an exclusive and eco- friendly label as the majority of items are made from a beautiful eclectic mix of vintage fabrics such as tablecloths, doilies and curtains or from second hand ( of the best quality ) garments that I have reworked. I love the treasure hunt and gather my inspiration from the fabrics I have found and the desire to bring them back into circulation once again.
I do use new fabrics as well but only in extremely limited quantities and only from the best fabric designers! There is no mass production involved and my collections contain one of a kind designs. The production from scratch all takes place in my families home around my very supportive husband and kiddies overlooking the ocean and surrounded by mother natures best landscapes and wildlife.
The bottom line is when you buy a PINNA 4 PIPER item you know you are adding to your childs' wardrobe a unique garment of clothing that is made with the best quality craftsmanship which is born from a passion of what I do and this garment will most definetely become a favourite for your little cherub.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My girlfriend gave me a bag of  fabric once and in it I found the most delightful piece of vintage curtain. As soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to be a dress after serving it's time as a  childs bedroom curtain. It wasn't ready for the dump just yet. So here is the pinny I made with it and it is definetely one of my favourites. My neice wore it everywhere and now her little sister wears it everywhere. I wish it had of fit me because I know I would wear it everywhere too!!!!
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